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Welcome to our swanky new website which is being launched more in hope than in certainty, because we ain’t working and we have no idea whether we will ever work again! I’ve realised what Covid stands for – Completely Obnoxious Virus Incapacitates Divas. So let’s hope for a vaccine, good drugs, and also let’s hope that people still have their jobs when that vaccine becomes available because otherwise no-one will have money for going to the theatre.

I do trust you’re all well – one can assume nothing these days. Who knows, you might be reading this through the delerium of a high fever having chanced on this page by accident whilst hunting for Fascinating Soda. If that is the case, many apologies, this is the page you need.

Meanwhile, the recording of our recent show is nearing completion – it was recorded live, but because of various blips and hitches and delays of a Covidious nature, it’s taken a long time to sort. We’ll let you know when it’s available.

But we have been working together – obviously social distancing. It’s easy to socially distance ourselves as Liza is in Cornwall, Adele and Michael are in Stratford and Walthamstow respectively, and I am in Oxfordshite. Sorry, Oxfordshire. A lovely county in many ways, but very flat and I like a hill. Our re-recording of Flowers In Winter can be seen on YouTube. One of the few truly positive things that happened this year was the sight of Captain Tom (Sir Tom Moore now) walking round his front yard to raise money for the NHS, and it reminded me of the song. So we thought a complete re-recording of the song that celebrates the last of that amazing generation that fought in WW2 was definitely in order.

Meanwhile, I have been inundated with requests for the sheet music of what has become an international Christmas favourite, in other words, the song known as “Try Not To Be A Cunt, It’s Christmas” (a.k.a. Cunty Christmas).  This is now available to purchase – with our harmonies and simple piano accompaniment –  simply email baffa@fascinatingaida.co.uk for details on how to order.  It isn’t listed on the merchandise page yet as I don’t know how to do that… but happy singing!

And thank you SO MUCH to the huge number of you who’ve retained tickets for shows that have been postponed. It’s very very nice of you.

Stay safe.


Britain’s greatest cabaret trio are back!

The songs are hilarious and topical – the glamour is unstoppable. With three Olivier Award nominations and over 25 million YouTube and Facebook hits for Cheap Flights and their incredibly rude Christmas song how can you possibly miss them?

Dillie Keane, Adèle Anderson and Liza Pulman will be accompanied on piano by Michael Roulston and this brand new show is directed by Paul Foster.

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