Dillie Keane

Dillie Keane

Dillie Keane is a songwriter, singer, actress and cabaret artiste and is the founding member of the satirical cabaret trio Fascinating Aïda. She’ll do a lot of things for payment, and has regularly written for a number of well-known publications over her long, long, LONG life.

She occasionally returns to her first love (no, not him) which is acting. In 2017 she played Madame Armfeldt and percussion in a glorious actor-musician production of Sondheim’s “A Little Night Music” at the Watermill Theatre in Newbury. In 2018, she played herself in “Grumpy Old Women To The Rescue” by Jenny Éclair and Judith Holder on a massive tour of the UK.

In 2016, her solo show, “Hello Dillie” played for a month at the prestigious off-Broadway theatre, 59e59, and gained her a third Drama Desk nomination for Outstanding Revue. However, she has only won one award and that was the award for Best Comedy at the Moers Comedy Festival in Germany which she was told she had won before she even arrived in town. She thinks this says more about German efficiency than her performing skills. It was so long ago she can’t remember the year, but she clearly recalls that actual award – a handsome and sizeable sugar replica of the statue in the centre of town. Unfortunately, she had to bin it after it attracted a plague of ants.

Fascinating Aïda, however, is her grand creation. The achievement can be told in numbers:

23 million YouTube hits to date
12 million hits (and growing) for Cheap Flights
36 years since formation
35 years with Adele Anderson
14 years with Liza Pulman
11 countries
8 CDs
8 Sopranos that you know of (and at least 5 you don’t)
7 nervous breakdowns
5 languages into which their songs have been translated
5 continents
4 DVDs
3 Videos (now lost or available in fuzzy chunks on YouTube)
3 Olivier Nominations
3 Drama Desk (NYC) nominations
2 London cabaret awards
1 Perrier nomination
1 City Limits award

This year, Dillie has been toddling around the place with a new solo show entitled LOVE AND OTHER BAD IDEAS. She has also started an eco-blog entitled in which she aims to save the world one product at a time. Tired of lecturing her family and friends for the last forty years (she was an early catastrophist) and getting nowhere with them, she decided to foist them on the world. Once a fortnight or so (when she has a moment, actually) she launches a well-researched, funny diatribe against a product or an idea that does nothing but harm. So far, half a dozen people have changed their ways which is better than a slap across the belly with a wet fish, but not much.

Dillie is one of those annoying actor-folk with no children and a lot of animals. She has two dogs and two donkeys, and is something of a chicken whisperer these days, having kept hens for some years now. She also has a couple of racehorses as her farmer-partner is a small-scale trainer. She admits that she is never happier than when queueing at the Tote to collect her winnings. This doesn’t happen often, proving conclusively that happiness is a fleeting and rare visitor.