Dillie Keane

An update from Fascinating Aida

Posted on Saturday, 9 May 2015
by Dillie Keane

Life in Fascinating Aïda has always gone in cycles. On, off, on, off, on, off… etc. We’ve always been fantastically tactful and discreet about why we’ve spent time in abeyance, or retirement. And that’s how it shall remain.

However, this time, it’s pointless trying to cover up why we’re taking a break. Our little Fascinating Aïda family has had a bit of a blow. Adèle Anderson, aka Dame Adèle - the beloved Dame - the stupendously talented Dame - the occasionally annoying Dame - the strangely beguiling Dame - the dear dear Dame who is our great great friend, our marvellously talented colleague, and brilliantly gifted songwriter - needs some time off for treatment. Yes, it’s that ole bugger, the Big C. And now we shall draw a veil over that, because the lady needs privacy while things settle down.

I know that Adèle will have all your good wishes. But please, if you must insist on praying, lighting candles, saying novenas, shokeling, chanting, hanging dreamcatchers, etc., keep it to yourself. The Dame is a devoted humanist and can’t be doing with religion.

Also, if you have remedies, healers, nutritionists, recipes, shamans, magnets, therapies, crystals, tips, stories about your cousin who had everything removed and is now travelling along the Andes on a unicycle for Macmillan, please also keep those to yourself. Adèle is in the best possible hands and her niece is a highly qualified nutritionist, so she’s getting all the holistic help she needs. Be a chum, not an amateur physician.

It follows, therefore, we won’t be in evidence as a group for a bit. Dillie is taking over some of the gigs - it happened most fortuitously that she was preparing a solo show so she can fill in where necessary. We will be following this with an email to say where and how she will be appearing. We’re also cancelling here and there where we know that it’s impossible for Dillie to fill the gap adequately. We’ll see how things go. But we will be back next year, and we’ve told the Dame that she’s not allowed to get out of songwriting duty. And the Fascinating Aïda family is VERY strong and we will be back.

And yes, there is a song in this. But PLEASE don’t assume there’s a song in anything/everything else!

Love from us all…
Liza and Dillie