Adele Anderson

Hello from The Dame

Posted on Tuesday, 16 February 2016
by Adele Anderson

It feels very strange for me not to be performing as part of Fascinating Aida, after doing so for over thirty years. As you know, when Charm Offensive came to its natural end in Spring 2015, we always intended to take a break so that we could recharge our batteries, then regroup and write a brand new show to tour in 2016. It seemed fate had other plans and the break has been much longer than any of us had anticipated. My treatment for cancer turned out to be more gruelling than I ever imagined and so it is taking me longer to recover than I thought it would. However, the worst is over and I just need a little more time to return to full fitness and fabulousness. I have been touched by the many messages of concern and support from fans and am as eager to get back to work as you all are to see Fascinating Aida once again.

Meanwhile, my two wonderful colleagues have stepped into the breach to take up the slack. Dillie is already touring around the UK until Easter with a show comprising some of the more reflective songs we’ve written for Fascinating Aida over the decades. She is accompanied by the superb Michael Roulston on piano. She is currently creating a Facebook page so further details will appear there.

Liza is bringing something new to the party: from March to May she will also be touring the UK with her show entitled “Liza Pulman Sings Hollywood”. These are songs, not from musicals, but sung over opening or closing credits, or even during the course of the movie. In keeping with the Hollywood tradition, she will be accompanied by Joe Atkins and The Stardust Orchestra. I’ve seen her frocks; they alone are worth the price of admission. For further details, visit

Dillie will spend the whole of June entertaining the good folk of New York City at Theater 59E59 (where FA have also appeared). When she returns, I shall be making regular trips to Oxfordshire so that we can write a new show, ready for Spring 2017.

Meanwhile, you can hear me on Easter Sunday on Radio 3 in a programme called The Choir. I shall be discussing some of my favourite choral pieces.

I do hope you will flock to see my girls in their shows.