Liza Pulman

Liza Pulman sings Harold Arlen - CD now available!

Posted on Friday, 17 October 2014
by Liza Pulman

Over the summer, as some of you know, I performed my solo show at the Ludlow Jazz festival with the sublime pianist Gareth Williams. Well, we locked ourselves in a small room before the start of the FA tour and we put it down on vinyl for folk to enjoy for all eternity!! Apparently it’s not available in my preferred 78 RPM (I’m just an ol’ fashioned girl at heart), but you can buy it as a rather smart-looking CD (see picture!)

It is entitled Liza Pulman sings Harold Arlen and you can order it online through the website, just go to MERCHANDISE and you’ll find it there. The songs are glorious, many of them well known to you already Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Stormy Weather, and we had a great time recording them. Hope you enjoy listening to them. Love from somewhere on the road… X