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Well, here we are in January, Joe is in the White House and all is a little better with the world.  I hope 2021 is treating you better than 2020.  Well, no worse anyhow.

There is quite a bit of news and I urge you to turn to the LATEST NEWS page because I can’t be arsed to write it all again – but I will mention that our album based on the show we did at the Queen Elizabeth Hall Christmas/New Year 2019/2020 is finally available for download from iTunes.  Hurrah.  

In the meantime, Covid still stands for Completely Obnoxious Virus Incapacitates Divas. So please wear your mask, don’t socialise, accept the vaccine when it’s offered and be a good citizen. 

And if you have chanced on this page by accident whilst hunting for Fascinating Soda, many apologies, this is the page you need.

Our re-recording of Flowers In Winter can be seen on YouTube. One of the few truly positive things that happened in 2020 was the sight of Captain Tom (Sir Tom Moore now) walking round his front yard to raise money for the NHS, and it reminded me of the song. So we thought a complete re-recording of the song that celebrates the last of that amazing generation that fought in WW2 was definitely in order.

For those of you who want to sing the songs at home, there is a whole lot more sheet music available for purchase.  Have a look at the merchandise page if you’re interested. 

A huge THANK YOU to the huge number of you who’ve retained tickets for shows that have been postponed. It’s very very nice of you.  We will of course keep you posted about any changes. 

Stay safe,


Britain’s greatest cabaret trio are back!

The songs are hilarious and topical – the glamour is unstoppable. With three Olivier Award nominations, 3 New York Drama Desk nominations and over 25 million YouTube and Facebook hits, how can you possibly miss them?

Dillie Keane, Adèle Anderson and Liza Pulman will be accompanied on piano by Michael Roulston and this brand new show is directed by Paul Foster.

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