So what happens here? You click on the play button, and suddenly, moving figures sing and caper about before your very eyes. These moving and singing figures are us! Some of these film things date from 1898 so they are very old indeed. But I think you will agree we have aged well. You can also subscribe to our YouTube and Vimeo channels and you will have joy and laughter beamed at you from your screen.

Having a Vimeo channel sounds like I’ve been at the grouting with some scouring powder. However, this is not the case at all (although I have to say I was startled at the blackness of our grouting in a corner of the shower just this morning). Basically, this all means that I haven’t a fucking clue what I’m talking about, but it all seems to work beautifully.


And on this page, you can listen to the melodious mellifluity that characterises the work of Fascinating Aïda. Just do that clicky thing with your mouse or track pad or whatever, and you will be hypnotised by the beauty of our singing, the charm of our harmonies and the twelve-fingered brilliance of my piano-playing.

‘Hilarious’ ★★★★ Telegraph

‘Engages the brain as well as the funny-bone’ ★★★★★ Times

‘Quite simply, Fascinating Aïda are the tops’
Daily Telegraph

‘Top-notch entertainment’
The New York Times

‘One of the most exquisitely polished shows you are ever likely to see’
Financial Times

News of the World

‘Impossibly good’
Ken Russell

Aïda can clearly still surprise as well as fascinate★★★★ Evening Standard

The satirical blows are dispatched with the sweetest of smiles★★★★★ The Times