Hello hello hello!

Hello hello hello!

Dashing this off in the middle of rehearsals for – can you believe it? – the Fascinating Aïda Autumn Tour!  Yes, it’s really happening. We’re testing negative and feeling positive! Two brand new songs, a LOT of rewriting, a fully updated show, new hairstyles…and of course, the wonderful Michael Roulston and his ten dazzling fingers on piano – oh the excitement!

Sadly, for obvious reasons of germ-swap risks, we won’t be able to come out front after the show to meet and greet you in the foyer as in days of yore, or “In the Before Times” as I like to intone in a doomy West Country accent.

On second thoughts… Am I allowed to put on an accent from a region where I didn’t grow up these days? One never do know in these Woke times.  I did go to Dorset  on holiday for nearly 20 years in a row – does that count? It’s all so complicated and OF COURSE we have a song about it, ha ha!

So come along and hear us turn the air blue with our customary scabrous irreverence. And in spite of the sad, strange and unsettling era in which we find ourselves, it’s a very cheering show.

Stay well, stay safe and be good. We hope to follow at least two of these strictures.



  1. Jerry

    We completely understand and wish you all a safe and fabulous tour. How we have missed your razor sharp wit! Look forward to seeing you on the road soon.

  2. Mike

    So Wonderful to know you are all well, and coming back …YES !!!

    All the very best of luck & hugs ..and stay well xxxxx

  3. Mary Forrester

    The best of news, we’ve missed you all, can you try and come South East please 😊

  4. ANNE Kathleen PATON

    Can’t wait to see you all again. Hope you come somewhere close to Milton Keynes. (Our theatre is lovely, you know.:)

  5. Cathy McCusker

    Is there any chance that Fascinating Aida will include Belfast or Dublin in their tour dates for 2021/2022 ?

  6. Kim

    Hello to you all, looking forward to seeing you at King George’s Hall in October 😍

  7. Adele Kane

    Go girls go
    Still got my tickets from the ‘before’ times…..love you guys!

  8. Lorna

    So frustrated that you’ve changed your Glasgow date to a Wednesday. Now can’t go as I’m working and live in Inverness. Feel like chucking in my job so that I can go!

  9. Alex

    Looking forward to seeing you in Kings Lynn, we were supposed to see you in Hastings, but COVID and a house move later, “The Show WILL Go On” 🙂

  10. Von

    Any hope of a gig in Ireland? Be great to see u again. Adored your show in Brighton four years ago!

  11. Professor Richard Wilson

    How it lifts one’s spirits to hear from FA – and how delightful it is to pick up new words (such as “scabrous”): thank you, Dillie!
    Good luck with the Autumn Tour. We’re not able to see you this year, but doing so is on our wish list for 2022.
    From your big fans in downtown Bunny.

  12. Sam Smyth

    You haven’t mentioned where you are touring

  13. Geraldine Boyle


  14. David Rumelle

    Fantastic. Just offhand-When is Brighton dome re scheduled for?(Trying to go on their website is a tad baffling).x

    • Davidrumelle

      Apologies-just found it on YOUR excellent website.All the very best with it all.x

  15. Jim Manchester

    We are counting the days. We’ll be the couple in the matching face masks about half way back from the stage. You can’t miss us!!

  16. Jeanette Longfield

    Please, please, please…(ad nauseam) add some dates in London!


    Where & when are you super woman performing ?

  18. Rosemarie

    Hope you will be coming to Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds or The Apex to brighten up these dark days.

  19. Sophie Linnett

    So pleased you’re back. No London dates??? Will there be some?

  20. Val Marks

    I’m hoping to get tickets to your next show up here. Always hilarious and I love the irreverence you do so well. I’ve seen you on stage and met you in the foyer afterwards so a bit sad not to do that this time. Thank you COVID. I hope you have all weathered the storm well. I’m pleased to say I have. Take care and let’s keep laughing together. Cheers

  21. John Douglas

    about bloody time too.

  22. Alice Severs

    Now that really is something to look forward to. Very best wishes to you all.

  23. Wendi

    Cannot wait! Haven’t see you in decades

  24. Pete Bowley

    Brilliant – looking forward to seeing you – hope you are coming to Blackpool – stay safe gang

  25. JWillis

    Delighted with this news!! Go girls!!

  26. Diane Barrett

    Love you and your group of cheeky ladies , long awaited return to Liverpool Phil can’t wait to see you again x

  27. Wiz

    Yeah! Can’t wait to see you! It’s been way way WAY too long !!!

  28. Laura Maynard

    For gods sake AT LAST! Any WAIT to see the new show!

  29. Peter Bowker

    Will you be coming to the new Hall for Cornwall and if so when? Good luck.

  30. Stella McBride

    When and where??

  31. Jane Pearson

    Just booked to see you all at St Albans in Feb 2022
    Wanted to celebrate my 5 years clear after breast cancer & what better way than to treat my pals to see your show & have something to look forward to!!!!
    We may even be mask free by then, so you will be able to see our joyous faces lol

  32. Anne

    Hi Dillie,

    We are so looking forward to seeing the three of you in October. It will be our first proper outing since lockdown so quite an occasion for us. Keep safe and well and enjoy your tour. 😊

    With very best wishes to you all.


  33. Andrew Kennedy

    Please please please cross the pond and entertain us pilgrims! As you can imagine, we are in desperate need! Love you ladies……well, women😘

  34. Vince Hillis

    Fascinatingly F……..lipping Fantastic !!!
    We can’t wait to see you all again 👍🏻

  35. Mary Bosworth

    Good news indeed! I live in Cheltenham – I saw the last show here about 7 or 8 years ago – it was good so looking forward to seeing/hearing FA soon!

  36. Myra Lawson

    Great news, looking forward to it!

  37. Su Winter

    Can’t wait ladies! Oo arrr…

  38. Barbara Black

    Can’t wait for FA to be available again!

  39. Jan

    When are you coming toLondon or Guernsey.

  40. Margaret

    Would LOVE to – hope you’re coming to Norwich 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 Could rustle up quite a lot of interest I think!

  41. Angela Bartholomew

    Are you doing any shows in Surrey please

  42. Ian

    I’m a great fan of yours and hope to see you in Oxford later on if we’re no going to be in some kind of a lockdown. Would you be able to answer me this.
    Do I have to be vaccinated to be able to enjoy an evening with you?

  43. Richard Martin

    We are already booked and can’t wait to see you again in High Wycombe.

  44. Jo Michie

    I would love to come to one of your shows but alas alack, during covid I was diagnosed with Parkinsons and now can hardly walk.

    Back in the good old days I and my pals attended several of your shows in Hammersmith. We had such fun and enjoyed them so much.
    Fascinating Aïda should be available on the NHS as an anti-depressant (even though it it raises fears of addiction).

    When your tour is over, is there anyway we can watch on-line (and pay of course)?

  45. Mandy Morgan

    Hi. We are booked in for a session with you on 30th September at Billingham Forum. It would be absolutely marvellous if you could give a birthday shout out to my dear friend Bev and my sister Debbie. Thank you x

  46. Elaine Roxburgh

    We were booked for the show in Glasgow on 22nd July but it was cancelled. We were not advised by ATG that the show had been cancelled. Can you please advise when this show has been rescheduled to?

  47. Jo Logie

    Are you coming to Sheffield at all? We’d love to see you!

  48. Rob

    Abba reforming (almost) and FA on tour – in (almost) the same season! And here’s me and twenty million others stuck in Australia, oh woe. I hope some recordings will make it to youtube after the tour completes

  49. Colin Roberts

    All the best for your tour, hopefully one day you’ll be able to return down under to visit us again. Love the irreverent ditties, always raises a smile!

  50. Ros Barrett

    Can’t wait!

  51. Janice Whiting

    Hope you’re coming to a venue near me!

  52. Sally O'Mahony

    My daughter and I saw you in Sheffield last night and my face still aches from laughing, although a couple of songs did make me want to cry. I’m sure I don’t need to say which ones. Anyway, thank you all for a fantastic evening.

  53. robert blackmore

    Crikey Adéle…. I’m exhausted just looking at the amount of tour dates you lovely ones are doing.

    I hope the show is the blinding success it deserves to be, you all work so hard. Look forward to seeing you in Highgate between Yeovil and Leeds…

    Love Robert XXX ( Brobdingnagian Fan)

  54. Keith Phillips

    Dear Dillie, Adele and Liza,
    my partner Jane, dear friend Tia and myself saw you last night 18th Sept at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.
    Well, I haven’t laughed so much in Years ! It was wonderful and just the tonic we needed thank you but I must say, you far exceeded the joy we had expected.
    Many congratulations and we are already looking forward to seeing you when you return and spreading the word. Oh by the way, your new addition was very welcome and a true genius on the piano ! Amazing.
    Thank you again all 4 of you,
    Keith Phillips from Wallasey on the Wirral xx

  55. Claire Epsom

    Fabulous show last night in Ipswich – where I can find the song about older sex with lines like nothing there were tiles that needed grouting?

  56. John Penny

    My wife and our (grown-up and married!) girls came to your concert in Yeovil last night (18/10/2021) and after pondering what to write I settled for just one word… Unmissable!

    Thanks for a fab evening!

    love and peace John Lynne, Joanne and Sarah.

  57. Berry Lewis

    Just got home after Hull show. Absolutely wonderful – total bliss to see you all on stage after such a long break, and the show was fantastic! Huge laughs and a few tears. Thank you!

  58. Barbara Barnes

    ladies (and gent) or whatever the appropriate woke term is these days. My sisters and I want to say Thank You for a wonderful, emotional, hilarious, harmonious and truly fabulous evening in Cardiff tonight. You never disappoint your audiences. thankyou, thank you, thank you – laughter really is the best medicinie. Xxxx Diolch yn fawr.

    • Barbara Barnes

      Or medicine! Clearly too drunk on laughter to be able to spell!

  59. Pat Stearn

    Saw you last night in Truro. My God! Laugh, my belly is still aching! Thank you so much for bringing a huge ray of sunshine into our lives.


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