Hello hello hello!

Hello hello hello!

Dashing this off in the middle of rehearsals for – can you believe it? – the Fascinating Aïda Autumn Tour!  Yes, it’s really happening. We’re testing negative and feeling positive! Two brand new songs, a LOT of rewriting, a fully updated show, new hairstyles…and of course, the wonderful Michael Roulston and his ten dazzling fingers on piano – oh the excitement!

Sadly, for obvious reasons of germ-swap risks, we won’t be able to come out front after the show to meet and greet you in the foyer as in days of yore, or “In the Before Times” as I like to intone in a doomy West Country accent.

On second thoughts… Am I allowed to put on an accent from a region where I didn’t grow up these days? One never do know in these Woke times.  I did go to Dorset  on holiday for nearly 20 years in a row – does that count? It’s all so complicated and OF COURSE we have a song about it, ha ha!

So come along and hear us turn the air blue with our customary scabrous irreverence. And in spite of the sad, strange and unsettling era in which we find ourselves, it’s a very cheering show.

Stay well, stay safe and be good. We hope to follow at least two of these strictures.



  1. Jerry

    We completely understand and wish you all a safe and fabulous tour. How we have missed your razor sharp wit! Look forward to seeing you on the road soon.

  2. Mike

    So Wonderful to know you are all well, and coming back …YES !!!

    All the very best of luck & hugs ..and stay well xxxxx

  3. Mary Forrester

    The best of news, we’ve missed you all, can you try and come South East please 😊

  4. ANNE Kathleen PATON

    Can’t wait to see you all again. Hope you come somewhere close to Milton Keynes. (Our theatre is lovely, you know.:)


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