London Dates Just Announced





We’re in the middle of the most HUMUNGOUSLY big tour – the biggest we’ve done since Autumn 1987, I think! Definitely coming to a theatre near you – if we haven’t been already!

So this is just a wee note to say we are well, we hope you are too and… AND… WE DO HAVE A COUPLE OF LONDON DATES, HURRAH! 15th May and 21st May at the Royal Festival Hall. Yippee!

Anyhow,  do roll your peepers down our tour schedule and see if there’s one near you. Catch it if you can, we love this show. Come twice, it’s never quite the same from night to night!

Must dash, I have to pack… Knickers, meds, mask… STAY SAFE!!!

xxx Dillie Keane


  1. Kenny Croughan-Lewis

    Are you Ladies doing anything special for your 40th Anniversary? And if you are can you do it in Llandudno….pretty please? xxx

  2. Paul Wilson

    Dillie – you’ve made my year by announcing these dates! I shall be buying tickets for both London dates, as I’ve wanted to see you lovely girls Live for so long. I hope you’ll be at your irreverent and outrageous best! Bless you all. xxx

  3. Alan weintib

    If you won’t come back to cape Town we will have to try and get to London for May 21 show jop that there are still some front stall seats still available when we can get our flight confirmed.

    Best of luck with the tour.


    Alan Weinrib

  4. Charmian Russell

    Hope to see you in Manchester this year.

  5. Bas WHALLEY

    Do you have any dates for Kent please


    Please, please could you come to Milton Keynes some time. We have a lovely state of the art theatre that’s very well used.

  7. Christine Charlton

    Hi Ladies Saw you recently at Newcastle – third time I have and just about everything was new (except, of course, for Cheap Flights and Dogging and would have been disappointed if they had been omitted. Arranged a trip for ten fellow members of my local U3A and they were Aida Virgins – absoluted loved it and you have more converts. Keep up the good work.
    In these very troubled times, it’s good to have something to bring some humour into our lives.

  8. Alan Rogers

    Fantastic show.You are a joy to watch and you get better and better if that’s possible

  9. Pauline collard

    Just seen the show at Chesterfield. Fantastic; Brilliant; a Tour de Force and various other descriptive’s. Love the show, shame there was no merchandise, shame you weren’t around to natter after the show.


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