I’m thrilled to let you know that we’ve made a fillum of our current show, celebrating 40 years of us! The fillum was shot in Southend-on-Sea at the charming Palace Theatre, which maintains all the allure of its music hall roots. In other words, it’s slightly scuzzy in the best possible way.  Colin Dench, who made the fillum, boasts impressive credentials, having produced videos for many notable comedians like Harry Hill, Ross Noble, and Stewart Lee., And yes, I am allowed to say “fillum” in an Irish accent because I am Irish.  Through and through.

The best bit, however, is there is also an ‘EXTRA’ interview of us with the comedian, Stewart Lee.  What was wonderful about being interviewed by Stewart was that he gets it – he knows where all our references come from, he knows the history and traditions from which we draw our performing style.  It is, quite genuinely, the first interview in nearly 41 years we’ve done where the interviewer totally understands the genre.  And he’s a great bloke too, so spending time in his company is never a trial.

It is available to NOW here. Since we are extra-conscious to not add more plastic shite to the planet our film will only be available to stream or download so you can watch it at your leisure.

And yes, I am allowed to say “shite” … see above.

And don’t forget you can download the show programme for free from our website … even better, no trees were harmed in the creation of said programme.

As I write, I am lying on a rather plush hotel bed in the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney.  I really should be visiting friends but I’ve given myself a night off after a busy couple of weeks here in wonderful Oz.  Fascinating Aïda were asked to play the Adelaide Cabaret Festival which was great fun.  I hung out with my old pal Margret RoadKnight (sic) who has just released her new CD aged 80. She’s a force of nature, an old folky-rocky kind of a gal who has had big successes over the years Down Under  (she was the go-to support act for all the stars including Elton John amongst others).  Check her out on Spotify – she still rocks.  Also the divine Reuben Kaye, and the super talented Flo & Joan who are wonderfully clever and funny.  It was very heartwarming to be at an actual cabaret festival when we spent the first 30 years of our existence being repeatedly told that cabaret was dead…

Once our Adelaide gigs were done, Liza and Michael headed back home, Adele went even deeper Down Under and betook herself to Hobart.  I have been hanging round Sydney with old mates and even did a gig at a super cool venue called Claire’s Kitchen.  It’s a French restaurant with a cabaret room upstairs, the food is DIVINE and the host/owner even DIVINER – a part time drag queen and restaurateur.  It was a splendid evening though I say it myself, accompanied by a brilliant pianist called Michael Tyack.

Anyhow, enough burbling from me about past glories, I need to let you know about future follies.. We are delighted to be returning one of the greatest concert venues on earth next January.  We are playing the Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall on January 2nd, 3rd & 5th and we’ll be including a couple of surprises as well as, given the shows fall before Twelfth Night, a rousing rendition of the Christmas Song!
Love to all and enjoy the film (forgive my limp – brand new hip on its way!)


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